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Sweet! I figured out how to buy packs for free.

Sweet! I figured out how to buy packs for free.
Thanks, Bitpay.

I had never even heard of xsolla before.
I noticed that on my PC, after accidentally clicking a pack, that there was an option to pay with BitPay.

Having acquired some crypto from using the Brave browser, I decided to look into it and found out it was legit so I opened a bitpay wallet on my phone and converted the BAT that they give you for allowing ads and from Reddit and Twitter tips into XRP(Ripple) on Binance and sent it to my BitPay wallet. I used XRP because the transfer fees are minuscule compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum and I hate paying those huge miner fees. Sometimes $4-$5 a pop.
Anyhow, over the last few months I had socked away quite a bit and was able to buy the Void Pack for $69.99 CDN and it didn't cost me a cent of real money. I still have some left so I will definitely be saving up again for the next sacred 2x or some other deal.
I still don't understand why more people don't take advantage of the free crypto that's available, and I don't mean the Discord scammers that are offering a chance of a lifetime. I guess it's because it is new and unknown, and there have been some scams involving crypto but there are scams anywhere money is involved. If you want to learn more, let me know but I'll quit boring you here, I was just excited to get all this for just a little bit of time.

Ahhhhh yeah.
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W dzisiejszych wiadomościach: ICE ogłosiło datę startu Bitcoin Futures Singapur inwestuje w Binance i pomoże mu w rozwoju HTC ujawnia Bitcoin, kryptowaluty i blockchain - wiadomości z 23 października [wideo] - Polski Portal Bitcoin Bitcoin SV Surges By Over 41% And Gets Closer To Litecoin. Between Friday and Saturday, Bitcoin SV (BSV) one of the most sub hard forks of the Bitcoin (BTC) network and direct hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has […] Carlos Terenzi in Crypto News, Breaking Will MGO beat Bitcoin’s success? This altcoin is on the crypto-stage for many years and already beats the success of Bitcoin! The collaborative work is aimed to make the payment process easier for gamers that use the MobileGO platform. The expected outcome of this cooperation is a new opportunity to use MGO tokens on the Xsolla platform. Users may apply the first ever altcoins on this ... Xsolla is a decade-old platform that allows developers to accept payments for in-game items. Players can buy these using fiat currencies. Over the last ten years, Xsolla has become the go-to place for gaming industry crossing over $100 million in turnover month after month. It also boasts of a half a billion users from over 200 countries letting them buy in-game assets in over 500 games and ... Although Binance is downplaying the significance of this incident, it is cooperating with authorities and has offered a 25 Bitcoin reward for information leading to the hacker’s identity. Personal data alleging to belong to Binance customers began showing up on a Telegram channel on August 7th. This data included photos of individuals holding ... However Xsolla isn’t the first to opt for Bitcoin. A number of other gaming companies have made the same decision. One of these other companies is Bigpoint Games. They did a test run with BitPay last year, which was a huge success. Bigpoint Games is planning to add bitcoin payments to the highly anticipated Game of Thrones game because of earlier successes with Bitcoin implementation. It was probably Xsolla’s customized payment solution service that allowed twitch to start accepting around 600 different payment options at once. Users that select to pay via Bitcoin, will be redirected to a Coinbase payment page once they’re ready to pay their subscription. So it seems like Xsolla is acting like a proxy for Bitcoin payments. November 23, 2017, Santa Monica, CA – DMarket, the world’s first blockchain-based cross-game marketplace to turn virtual items into real assets, is pleased to announce its partnership with Xsolla, a global distributor and publisher of video games, providing game developers and publishers with advanced technical tools to optimize user acquisition and monetization efforts. In early December, I wrote an article on why investors should be paying attention to MobileGo (MGO). Exploding popularity of the gaming industry and an impressive partnership agreement with Xsolla led to a surge in MGO’s token price. In addition, the team of MobileGo created an application, called GShare, that… Our February 9, 2019 trade recommendation for Litecoin (LTC/USD) hit the target. Those who followed the trade recommendation grew their investments by up to 92% when Litecoin climbed as high as $79.667 on April 2nd. While Litecoin exceeded our target, we’re happy to take profits because at that point, the market was starting to show...

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how to open Binance account to buy bitcoin or crypto - YouTube

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